String cheese 1 kg

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String cheese 1 kg
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Product description

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, and microbial rennet. This is partially hand-made into string cheese. Store in the refrigerator (maximum +6°C).

String cheese, made from cow's milk, offers a unique taste and texture that delights the palate. With string cheese, various delicious dishes can be prepared, and it can be consumed on its own, especially at breakfast and in all snacks. Natural string cheese can be consumed without any side effects on health.

String Cheese Çeçil/Çivil Content and Usage

Known as a regional delicacy, its fame has reached international boundaries. String cheese, an essential flavor at the table, is suitable for all kinds of consumption. In this context, string cheese is frequently used in:

  • Making m─▒hlama,
  • Making or topping cheese pizza,
  • Making pan-fried pastries,
  • Making mushroom and cheese bread soufflé. Additionally, this cheese is consumed cold, directly at breakfast tables, including in sandwiches. Considering the health benefits of the components in milk, string cheese:
  • Contains a high amount of protein,
  • Is rich in calcium,
  • Helps meet the body's phosphorus needs. Thanks to these components, it positively affects health. It contains all the benefits these components provide to the body and offers a health-regulating effect.

Safe Consumption of String Cheese Çeçil/Çivil

By meeting all necessary criteria from production to delivery, we offer our customers safe consumption. In this context:

  • We produce string cheese in accordance with international quality standards.
  • We ensure all required hygiene conditions in cheese production.
  • We conduct production under constant supervision, both by official institutions and ourselves.
  • We deliver the cheese to you in the shortest time possible with our appropriate vehicles.
  • For shipping, we use vehicles equipped with necessary cooling systems to transport the cheese. Since the day we started production, we have been providing cheese that our customers can buy and consume with confidence. We answer all questions about string cheese (çeçil/çivil) clearly and completely, eliminating any doubts in our customers' minds.

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Devaml─▒ sipari┼č etti─čimiz tel peynirini herkese tasfiye ediyorum.

H.T - 25-05-2024 14:05

Bay─▒ld─▒g─▒m─▒z bir tat oldu haz─▒r paketlerden cok daha g├╝zeldi emeginize sagl─▒k..

Mehtap - 09-04-2024 19:52

Sehr lecker! Nicht salzig und von Geschmack her mildig. Top!

M. C. - 01-04-2024 16:15

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String cheese 1 kg
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